Code of Conduct

The individual and firm members of the Association believe that government relations practitioners must be honest, open and transparent in their dealings with government and clients, and are committed to high standards of integrity in the conduct of their businesses and activities.

This Code of Conduct has been developed by the Association to clearly articulate the professional and ethical framework for the way in which members relate to government in Australia. Members’ primary obligations are to abide by the relevant legislation and government codes in place around Australia. It is intended that this Code will operate alongside those schemes, but in any and all cases of inconsistency, relevant legislation and government codes will prevail to the extent of that inconsistency.

Membership of the Association is open to any firm or person for whom the making of representations to government in Australia constitutes part of their professional activities, and who is prepared to abide by and implement this Code of Conduct and Membership Rules, and continues to comply with them on an ongoing basis.

This Code of Conduct covers the activities of members in their interaction with Australian governments at all levels. Members can include specialist government relations firms and their staff, professional communications firms that also offer government relations support as part of their services, ‘in-house’ and individual government relations practitioners as well as any other professionals who make representations to government.

It is a pre-requisite and condition of membership of the Association that members adopt and abide by this Code of Conduct, and that all practitioners involved in providing government relations services and making representations to government observe the duties and principles set out in the Code. Members will be required to renew their commitment to the Code each year as a condition of membership.

Failure to adopt and abide by this Code of Conduct and Membership Rules will be grounds for declining or cancelling membership of the Association, or other sanctions deemed appropriate and proportionate.


Members will submit a Code Compliance Statement each year. For all members this will be a signed statement agreeing to be bound by the Code of Conduct and Membership Rules. For members who are firms, this will also include a statement that their relevant staff have signed and agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct and Rules.”

Download the APGRA Code of Conduct